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Clients and Testimonials



“Debbie, Thank you for providing a peacefullness and non-stressful environment.”

J. D., Chesapeake, VA

       “Debbie, Just wanted to take a minute to say "thank you" for the MSL workshop.  You are so very generous and                 hosptiable.”

           T., Chesapeake, VA


"Debbie, Thank you for your time, kindness, and generousity in creating our Great Expectations Curriculum. Thank you for providing the perfect gift to the Crisis Pregnancy Center...You!!!

A.F., Norfolk, VA


       “Debbie, How can we thank you enough? You have blessed us so much and given u a tremendous gift.  May God              pour out a hundred-fold blessing on you, Mark, and your family.”

           F. C., and baby F., Chesapeake, VA


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