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What's Happening in The Nest

Upcoming Classes 

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Prenatal Education/Childbirth Preparation

We have resumed in person classes and there is also an option to attend on zoom. Please see our Facebook page for the schedule.

Understanding trimester growth, nutrition/exercise, the ins and outs of labor & delivery, comfort techniques, and medical procedures involved with childbirth.Understanding newborns, breastfeeding, & the postpartum period. For a list of this months topics go to our Facebook page



Sibling Class: Mommy's Little Helper

available upon request


Feelings about the new baby and how to cope with them, what do babies look like,  mom’s changing shape, preparation for the big day,  touching and holding the baby safely, how do baby’s talk and why they cry, what do they eat and why do they sleep, and more.



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Photo credit: Esther Ford Photography
Daddy "Boot Camp"
available upon request


Mom's emotions and mine (and how to cope with them), newborn appearance, understanding breastfeeding,  touching and holding the baby safely, how do baby’s talk and why they cry, and more.


Mom 2 Mom  Postpartum Support Group

this will resume in the summer of 2021

see our Facebook page for details


New moms have lots of questions, feelings of isolation and little time for themselves. This is an opportunity to come together for a time of fellowship with other moms. For meeting dates go to our Facebook page

Lactation Lounge
aka Breastfeeding Support Group

Breastfeeding Moms, Breastmilk feeding moms or Moms-to-be wanting support from other moms, and to ask questions; dads and little ones welcome. We offer one on one service and there is The Nurturey Parenting Studio that has groups in Marshall with an IBCLC or CLC in attendance. For dates, times and locations, go to their Facebook page at the Nurturey Parenting Studio.


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