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El Nido provides a full range of services, including childbirth and parenting classes;

lactation support and "Mom to Mom" support groups,

pre-natal classes, doula services and home birth midwifery

Job experience is available at Taste in Time.

Check our facebook page for dates and times.

Childbirth Preparation

Prenatal education

Childbirth education

Several categories of classes are offerered including childbirth preparation for the expectant mother covering the topics of labor, comfort techniques, and medical procedures involved with childbirth. Classes for siblings and dads are also available to help them understand crying, sleep habits, infant safety and their emotions regarding a new baby. 

Lactation Support

Education and Support Before and After Baby's Birth

Lindsay breastfeeding.JPG

Breastfeeding is the start of the parenting relationship.

It is an investment in your child's future by providing a healthy start to life while at the same time protecting your own health and well-being. Lactation support provides the expectant and new mom general support, knowledge for understanding the hows and whys, and support for dealing with lactations issues that may arise,


Job Training

Taste in Time is a 1950s ice cream and sandwich shop in Granite Falls, MN where parents can receive job training.

Doula Services

Labor doula

Postpartum doula

lindsay in birth pool.JPG

Doula (pronounced ‘doo-la' --  a Greek word meaning ‘woman servant’) services offer emotional and physical support to both the expectant mother and partner before, during, and after childbirth. Services are in place to provide the mother the most gratifying and satisfying experience that she can have during pregnancy, birth, and into motherhood. Doula support allows the whole family an opportunity to relax and enjoy the experience of pregnancy and motherhood. 

Parent Support

Monthly meetings for fellowship

and sharing commonalities

of parenthood. 

Mom-to-Mom offers opportunities for friendships and mentoring relationships in which the compassion of Christ is demonstrated.Mom-to-Mom is an opportunity for women in all stages of motherhood to meet and share experiences and wisdom.

The Nest

In the future we would like to have aftercare clubs for school age kids.

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