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El Nido Then and Now

The name of  the ministry, El Nido (The Nest),

was developed as a means to honor Debbie's heritage,

her childhood home, and personal experiences.

Debbie's Story

After the divorce of Debbie's parents, Rebecca and her daughters were welcomed into the shelter of Debbie’s grandparent’s home,

El Nido. 

Then when Debbie became pregnant at 16, the decision to parent her baby girl, Lindsay, changed her life forever. She left the safety of the nest to begin her own life as a wife and mother.

Six years later, she was left alone with two daughters of her own. She found herself receiving generosity from her family and moved back under the shelter of her grandparents and

El Nido.



The Nest Today

The El Nido of today was established in fall of 2006, and serves as a ministry of service to offer hope, growth in Christ, and glory to God through the joy of welcoming new life

through childbirth and beyond.


El Nido provides a family-friendly

environment to meet the

emotional, physical, social, and spiritual

well-being of expectant mothers,

new mothers, and other family members

and support bases for mothers-to-be.

Debbie and god daughter

Rebecca with 3 of Debbie's kids and her nephew

Debbie's Youngest 3 kids

This compassion and life experience created a passion for young mothers, struggling families, and an appreciation of the joy of new life including volunteering in crisis pregnancy centers, and the adoption of four children into her own family.

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